• This treatment will only be specific to certain park of your body e.g ...

    30 min

    35 British pounds
  • Treat yourself to a full body massage treatment

    1 hr

    55 British pounds
  • 90 Minute treatment, appreciate how a full body massage feels like

    1 hr 30 min

    90 British pounds
  • A couples ante-natal classes, to prepare your journey for labour

    10 British pounds
  • Our Infrared Sauna allow a capacity of 4 people

    30 min

    12 British pounds
  • A gentle approach

    1 hr

    55 British pounds

We recommend you book a 90-minute treatment, to be able to reap the benefits of having a full body massage. 


We ask that you should give us 24 hours notice when canceling your appointment, otherwise you will be occurring cancelation fees.


We kindly ask that you arrive 5-10 mins early before your appointment so you do not lose any 

time from your treatment, as this will affect the following appointment.