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Psychotherapy aims to explore your feelings, by providing you a therapeutic and safe calming surrounding, to be able to give you the space to support and express your feelings and thoughts which causes your anxiety, depression, anger, and shame. We aim to make small steps to improve your well-being making you feel more confident and feel empowered.


In hypnosis the mind goes into an altered state of consciousness that allows the therapist to input suggestion and affirmation to help assist the individual to make changes in their lives, enabling them to create possibilities in their lives, positive thoughts and  altering their perception allowing them to feel confident and empowered

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Prenancy in White


Our sessions teaches you the use of self-hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation and breathing work that prepares your body and mind for birth, allowing you to trust your body and baby to make you feel confident, safe, calm and comfortable enough to let go, to experience each be

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