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Creatine Kinase - Myocardial Band
Our Creatine Kinase - Myocardial Band (CK-MB) blood test is a crucial tool in diagnosing heart attacks. CK-MB is an enzyme that is released into the bloodstream when heart muscle is damaged, making it a reliable indicator of heart muscle injury. This test is particularly useful in detecting early signs of a heart attack, as levels of CK-MB rise within a few hours of the event. With quick and accurate results, our CK-MB blood test can help healthcare professionals efficiently diagnose and treat heart attacks.

Creatine Kinase - Myocardial Band

  1. Anti-Ageing
  2. Heart Health
  3. Eye Health
  4. Gut Health
  5. Immunity
  6. Mental Health
  7. Muscle Health
  8. Skin Health
  9. Sleep
  10. Stress
  11. Injury Risk
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