Channeling Golden Vortex healing energy

Energy medicine, energy therapy, energy healing, vibrational medicine or spiritual healing is based on a belief that practitioner channel healing energy to the client using energy from universe or the ability to manipulate energy to assist in removing blockages.

Looking to Reconnect to someone you love, and finding a deeper connection, through spirituality, show compassion to each other and find understanding of you and partner's passion and desires, likes and dislikes, setting the boundaries to create a deeper meaning of why you feel in love with each other. 

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The techniques of mindfulness allow you to be aware of the present moment. The aim is to make you more calm and relaxed, have the ability to cope with difficult situations, to be able to choose how to express your feelings and thoughts. Most importantly be loving and kinder to yourself.

Crystal healing is also an energy medicine technique that uses stones and crystals. These crystals are known to withhold healing properties. These crystals are placed around or on the body which corresponds to the 12 chakras. The aim is to unblock the channels allowing the chakras to function efficiently.  

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By allowing to bring your body into a state of relaxation and learning to focus your mind on your breath can help increase efficiency in your well-being, improve concentration and health. Using breath work helps manage your resistance through times of stress and anxiety.