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Authentic Traditional Thai Massage Level 1, 2, 3




10 day over 5 weeks every weekend

About the Course

This course is a Authentic Traditional Thai Massage.

Taught by a Thai Instructor who has been practicing for over 50yrs

This course will be taught over 10 weeks on a Saturday and Sunday (we have only 10 space available)

To apply for this course will must already must have a certificate in Anatomy & Physiology

You must also qualify in our training course SEN (Energy) Lines (3 day course) to give yourself an understanding in the Traditional Thai aspect of why we use acupressure on these points and following the energy to allow the energy to flow throughout the body, this course runs 1 week for the the start of our Authentic Traditional Thai Massage Course.

This course is suitable for:

  • Individuals who would wish to learn the art of healing and would like to practice on their friends and family

  • For therapist and instructors to further their studies.

  • For those who are look to start their career in body work

  • For teacher, physiotherapists, osteopaths, dancers etc, who already has the qualification in Anatomy & Physiology and would like to increase their practice with more tools and techniques.

We can also provide you with our Apprenticeship Programme after the course to gain more experience in a clinical setting, which will help you build your practice and confidence. Our Apprenticeship Programme is a 2 month programme this programme is suitable for both all ready qualified therapists who is looking to find more practice in this field and also newly qualified therapist.

Course Overview:

On completion of this course you will recieve 2 certificates

  • Thai School Of Massage (Metta) Thailand. Thai Certificate

  • Dharma School of Massage (Dharma Clinical Therapies)

This qualification allow you to practice as a qualified practitioner.

During this course you will be taught how to give a full Thai body massage which incorporates Thai stretches, Sen lines and oil massage.

After completion of this course you will be asked to do 40 case studies, this will need to be returned with your short answer theory test, their will be one written projected to be completed during the course.

Level 1: Beginners

Open Prayer at the beginning of the treatment

Feet & Legs Lines Series

Leg stretch Series

Hand & Arms Series

Level 2: Intermediate

Abdominal Series

Full Body Stretches

Optional Routine

Head, Neck & Face Series

Level 3: Advance

Full Body Flush

Advance Techniques

Payment plan option is available

Deposit: £500

2 - 3 payment plan, full amount needs to be paid before attending the course

Your Instructor

Bonnie Singtong & Fah Singtong & Saifon Singtong

Bonnie Singtong & Fah Singtong & Saifon Singtong

Bonnie Singtong has been a Thai Traditional Massage instructor for over 8 yrs. Her skills are authentically Thai, trained from the Thai Yoga Massage School, Thailand.
She has great understanding of the human anatomy, physical pain and injuries.
Bonnie has been massaging for over 50yrs, just like any Thai she learnt by massaging her parents.
This then developed into a highly skilled Sport, Thai Massage Therapist and teacher.

Saifon Singtong has trained as a Thai Traditional Massage Instructor for over 8yrs, she has added many qualifications to her knowledge from Advance Sports Massage to Personal Training and treats individual through rehabilitation and movement.

Fah Singtong assisting the teaching programmes.

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