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Do you want to improve focus and productivity in your team?

Reduce stress in the workplace?

Do you want to improve mental health and well-being?

Employees are known to take time off work for the following reasons

  • Injury

  • ill health

  • stress, depression or anxiety

  • musculoskeletal disorders

Costing companies thousands in lost income and compensation.

Mental health problems cost the economy £34.9 billion in 2007 and rising each year, costing companies on average £1,300 for every employee.

Mental Health has cost business twice as much in sickness absence relating to poor mental health, resulting in indivuduals losing their job. 

Mental health awareness is becoming more widely talked about, with more people are speaking out about their experiences and seeking help to deal with their work and life, teaching them to become more proactive, and focused, strengthening their body and mind to build reslience when difficulties occur.

Employers are now stepping up to support mental health at work to increase productivity, happiness and loyalty within the workforce.



For more information about our packages please contact us with any questions.

Our services does not include travel expenses, if the booking requires additional days and outside the UK, additional charges are applied and assessed.

Our packages are based on a monthly direct debit plan and a minimum 6 months contract which can be tailored.

We do advise getting staff to receive treatments and attend classes outside of work as this takes them out of a stressful environment in order for them to relax, heal from their issues and maintain good mental health.

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