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Point - of - Care

Our DNA & Epigenetics blood tests are checked and analysed by a Doctor and sent to the clinic.

* Our tests are reviewed and analysed by Doctors and forwarded to our clinic.

DNA testing kit = £125

Epigenetics kit = £175

DNA & Epigentetics = £250 (saving £50)


Our DNA & Epigenetics tests reports on 1,000 biogenetic markers relating to health and fitness, include 


Fitness & Exercise

Improve your overall fitness and training plan with a better understanding of your power, endurance, flexibility, increased muscle size, your lactate threshold and oxygen use (VO2 Max), your respiration (ATP) recovery rate, injury recovery rate, lean body mass and power-to-weight ratio.


Diet & Nutrition

Learn to find a healthy, sustainable diet specifically designed for you through a better understanding of your responses to protein, total fats, unsaturated fats, carbohydrates, calorie restrictions and exercise.

Our tests can also help you better understand your response to protein, total fats unsaturated fats, carbohydrates, calorie restrictions and exercise. Giving you the knowledge to understand your daily need for calories, manage your weight loss and your risk in obesity and diabetes and yo-yo dieting on your body.


Health & Wellbeing 

See how you can significantly improve and understand your risks for deficiencies in Vitamins A, B6,B9, B12 and D as well as minerals such as magnesium and selenium. 

Our tests highlight issues in bone mineral density and how much calcium your body needs, responses to supplements and intended uses to help with specific issues such as inflammation and collagen formation.



Find out about your body's dopamine response, which can affect your behavior, cognition and motivation.

All tests provided and sold by us, are not medical diagnoses, please consult your doctor after your results if you have any concerns.


The providers of our DNA & Epigenetics tests has helped us understand how to slow down and reverse the aging process, with there cutting-edge technology they have optimised their research to help their community to improve their physical health and slow down the aging process, helping you to become more empowered and motivated.

Skin aging analyses discovers gene site known to affect the rate of wrinkle development. It is also highly sensitive to the rate of under-eye skin sagging. With this intervention, we can help you place an intervention to help alter slowing or reverse the skin ageing process

Receive supported intervention after you receive your results. Book a consultation to go through all your 1000 biomarkers, this intervention will help you create a plan as you move forward to becoming the fitter, healthier, better version of yourself.

This sample of saliva will allow us to unlock your genetic code. This will help you discover your unique genes and will help you become fitter, and healthier and bring a more positive mental health

The epigenetics tests will provide you with the details of your vitamins and mineral deficiency. With this knowledge, we will be able to offer you support within our clinic.

Buddha Statue

wellness consultation


£75 - £175

Book a review on your normal tests and discuss your results or review your 1000 biomarkers with our Wellness Practitioner who can help you come up with a plan.


We will help you create a plan for 12 months.

This package provides you with

3 x Tests (Month 1, 6 & 12)

4 months' supply of Stem Cell Patch Therapy

Food Allergy & Intolerance test

Sensitivity test for 975 items

5 x Wellness Consultation (Month 1, 3, 6, 9 & 12)

8 Vitamin Injections (includes 3 free Vitamin Shots)

Full support to ensure you meet your targets and goals

Free meal plan and over 100 recipes 

We can also arrange a payment plan option across the year with monthly payments of £208.33



What do we test for?

We will be offering a range of different types of blood tests, from your general wellness IVD tests and swabs.

These are 1-day finger prick test results 

Our inexpensive rapid health tests use blood sample droplets which are drawn through a finger prick and added to a test cassette or urine sample tested using a dipstick. These tests are commonly used by diabetes to check their blood sugar (blood glucose) levels. 

Our tests are not medical diagnoses, please take your tests to your GP and ask for further tested

We are able to test for

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