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Amylase Blood Test
The Amylase Blood Test is a diagnostic test that measures the levels of amylase in the blood. Amylase is an enzyme that is produced by the pancreas and salivary glands, and is responsible for breaking down carbohydrates in the body. Elevated levels of amylase in the blood can indicate a variety of conditions, including pancreatitis, gallstones, and kidney disease. The test is simple and non-invasive, requiring only a small sample of blood. Results are typically available within a few days, and can provide important information for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Amylase Blood Test

  1. Anti-Ageing
  2. Heart Health
  3. Eye Health
  4. Gut Health
  5. Immunity
  6. Mental Health
  7. Muscle Health
  8. Skin Health
  9. Sleep
  10. Stress
  11. Injury Risk
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