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We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused, but we regret to inform you that our festival, which was scheduled for this year, has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances and health concerns. Unfortunately, a build-up of unfortunate events that are out of our control has led us to make this difficult decision.


However, we would like to offer an upgrade to those who have already purchased tickets for this year's event as a token of our appreciation for your support and understanding during this challenging time.


Book your tickets early and get 20% off before 31st October.

Dharma Members will receive 30% off before 31st October.

Members can purchase a maximum of 2 tickets.

If you are attending our event, please bring a mat and a blanket for your yoga and sound bowl healing classes


If you have any  questions, please dont hesitate to call us 

The Dharma Wellbeing HealthClub Clinic event in 2024 is an amazing opportunity for individuals and businesses to collaborate and share their knowledge and expertise. Our stall holders include charities, holistic therapists, healers, yoga and pilates teachers, and inspiring speakers.

This event is designed to be a holistic journey for all our attendees. We offer spiritual and science based activities, including yoga, pilates, meditation, workshops, talks, inspiring speakers, menopause, men's circle, women's circle, breathework, and more.

We look forward to welcoming you on your journey of wellbeing.

If you would like to book a stall, table or food and drinks stall please click on the PDF to download the forms

Any questions please let me know 

If you would like to be a speaker at our event, run a workshop or class, please contact us.

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Embracing the therapeutic, healing benefits of the ocean, Kalm Horizons combines wave meditation, breathwork, aromatherapy, visualisation and sound therapy to help people gain more clarity and perspective, soothe stress and sleep more naturally.

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Rusper & Pines


Creating a happy space in your home and garden can heal and empower you by boosting your mood and reducing your stress levels. We launched Rusper & Pines at the start of 2021 to help our customers do just that! At Rusper & Pines, we think your space deserves the best, so when you are shopping with us, you can expect high quality, well made products.


Plant Based SO IT IS will be bring you a range of delicious, nutritionally balanced buddha bowls that will sing to your mind, body and soul and keep you fuelled in-between classes.

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The Tree of Life sells crystal, jellewery, insense and homeware.

Currently only selling their goods at Dharma Clinic

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We’re one of the UK’s fastest-growing beauty companies, reshaping the industry with multi-award-winning products that are both ethical and effective.

Fusing wild tropical botanicals with cutting-edge science – no artificial preservatives or toxins in sight – our vegan products are freshly made to unlock your healthiest glow yet.


Miriam Pfeil


Miriam has been connecting with spirit since she was young. Her passion as a medium for enabling her clients to improve their lives by bringing them guidance and messages from passed loved ones is at the centre of her work. As a psychic and clairvoyant, Miriam will help you to improve your confidence and to achieve your goals, whatever they may be by connecting you with your life path and showing you what could be. Using her tarot and angel cards as an extra layer of connectivity with you, she will delve into your past, take a look at your present and offer guidance to your future.

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I have been practising Yoga for 25 years. Although, I was introduced to some Face Yoga exercises, such as The Lion, the face area has never received the same attention as the rest of the body. 

I came across The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method on the Internet and started practising the techniques on an irregular basis. I expected little but discovered that my face and skin started looking healthier and younger. On some days I felt my face was glowing. It was then I decided to fully commit and complete The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Teacher Training. 



I will take you on a journey as you embrace the challenge of stepping into something uncomfortable. You will be invited to fully submerge your body in the cold icy water and learn to use your breath to overcome the challenge that brings. This is a team building or personal development training which is far from the norm so why not embrace the unusual and unique.



If you’re looking to rekindle your power, find your inner strength, self empowerment, build esteem & confidence, then you need to turn up for you.

It’s about you and your journey, if you’re in the darkness searching for the light then there's no better place to really find your true self than around the fire.

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