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Epigenetics Test

This test is an inclinic test, 


Once you have purchased our tests, we will contact you to arrange a booking in our clinic to collect your saliva for this test.


Our DNA & Epigenetics tests reports on 1,000 biogenetic markers relating to health and fitness, include 


Our Epigenetics looks at:

Epigenetics controls how your genes behave. You are born with your genetic makeup, but you can affect your epigenetics through your lifestyle.

What Is Biological Age?

We actually have two ages: Chronological age and biological age.

Your chronological age is the exact number of years that you have been alive. Whereas your biological age is the true reflection of how your cells are ageing. Your biological age and internal health can be affected by your dietexerciselifestyle and environment.


Our DNA tests looks at:


Fitness & Exercise

Improve your overall fitness and training plan with a better understanding of your power, endurance, flexibility, increased muscle size, your lactate threshold and oxygen use (VO2 Max), your respiration (ATP) recovery rate, injury recovery rate, lean body mass and power-to-weight ratio.


Diet & Nutrition

Learn to find a healthy, sustainable diet specifically designed for you through a better understanding of your responses to protein, total fats, unsaturated fats, carbohydrates, calorie restrictions and exercise.

Our tests can also help you better understand your response to protein, total fats unsaturated fats, carbohydrates, calorie restrictions and exercise. Giving you the knowledge to understand your daily need for calories, manage your weight loss and